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    For IT professionals and for people who want to know more about Internet of Things.


    Brief Introduction

    We are small group of IT professionals from differing backgrounds.

    Between us we are offer help and advice for all, having previously worked as IT security Analysts, Systems Administrators and IT Security Consultants.

    Our Goals

    We want to continue to grow to be a central source for the UK IoT community involving many people from within the community.

    Our Strategy

    Central Source
    Develop IoT Community
    Provide IoT Help and Advice
    Provide News and Reviews
    Expansion and Growth 

    We want to connect more and more IoT professional to help and support each other...

    We offer a variety of news, information, advice and help and will continue to grow...

    Your help and support is essential in expanding our reach and growing the IoT community in the UK...

    We try to provide the best and most up to date information available and your thoughts on what we share and how we can improve on what we do is invaluable...

    We are very ambitious and really want to grow and grow to make a real difference to the IoT security community in the UK...

    Latest articles

    IoT Centre UK Blog

    A central point for IoT related information in the UK.

    IoT News

    Ring Introduce 2FA After A Host of Hacks

    IoT connected doorbell-maker Ring is now requiring two-factor authentication (2FA) for all users when they sign into their accounts.

    IoT Revenues Are To Grow Massively By 2025

    Telecoms operators are getting very excited at the predicted performance of the IoT, with revenue expected to boom in the next five years.

    IoT Coming To Windows10X From Microsoft

    Surface Neo will run a new operating system variant that Microsoft have called “Windows 10X.”

    IoT Help and Advice

    What is IoT?

    Usually Internet of Things is shortened to the IoT, this collective allows devices to connect and talk to each other and also to us, delivering reams of data and in-

    Best Practice Firewall Solutions to Protect Against Ransomware attacks

    As ransomware attacks are hitting the news headlines, CIOs and CTOs are in a lookout for a permanent solution to stifle attacks on their IT infrastructure respective

    What is a Proxy Server?

    A proxy server – is a computer on the internet which acts as a middle-man between your computer and the website or service you’re using.

    IoT Product Reviews

    Tenda Nova MW6 Mesh Wi-fi System Review

    Tenda’s compact cubes are as far as mesh Wi-Fi systems go anyway, a very slick design.

    Amazon Echo Flex Review

    It doesn’t take a genius to infer that Amazon’s Echo series of smart speakers is doing well. Not only has Alexa entered into pop culture but the company has an impla

    Amazon Echo Studio Review

    The company’s existing smart speakers have proven their use, but the thought of one that delivers sound able to rival Apple’s HomePod is a truly tantalising prospect